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Geschrieben von Kris am 15.12.2011 um 21:20:

  POW, ... other documents.

Useful documents for searching German soldiers:

Gefraiter Hans Buchberger:

Leutnant Henning von Neindorf

POW cover from German interned in British Middle East camp 380 (for captured members of the Afrika Korps)

Scarce group of 10 German cards showing the WWII occupation of Greece and Crete / Kreta

More documents:

Saniteter Uffz.Erich Strobl (?) (geb. 19.08.190cool

OGfr. Anton Schwarz (geb. 17.07.1919)

Geschrieben von Alexander am 15.12.2011 um 22:25:


Hi Kris,

I deleted your post about the execution of Mussolini.
This is not the right place to show this photos!

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Geschrieben von Olivia S. am 15.12.2011 um 22:36:


Hi, Kris!

Most of the Links you put in here are leading me directly to a selling offer. As soon as these documents are sold they are no longer useful for anybody - except for the buyer. Augenzwinkern

Are you a partner of this shop? Why did you put the links in here? verwirrt

Best regards

Geschrieben von Kris am 15.12.2011 um 23:54:


Dears sorry !

Thanks for cancelled link.
if post is not correct please cancell all links.
I'm not connected with shop.

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